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It’s funny how a casual joke between friends can become something bigger.

A while back, two southern guys, one Jewish, one not, both wild about food in general, and BBQ in particular were enjoying some ribs, and the subject of the kosher-ness of such a nosh arose. That led to a discussion about BBQ in general, and all the things that a kosher keeping Jew would miss in the world of BBQ. One of our founders turned to the other and said, "you know, if you're ever looking for good BBQ, don't ask your observant friends for recommendations,

It takes a bad Jew to know good barbecue.” – MS

And thus the seed was planted, and from that comment came Bad Jew BBQ. The idea is to make a BBQ sauce, a Kosher BBQ sauce, that would let people experience the joys of BBQ without any of the guilty aftertaste. We want to bring the essence of southern BBQ to everyone – Kosher, vegan, carnivorous, left-handed, Texan, tone-deaf, everyone – no matter what they eat.

Along the way we assembled a team made up of Christians, Atheists, a Muslim, and yes, a few Jews. This has served to remind us that food is a wonderful way to bring people together.

The Jewish people involved run the gamut of keeping Kosher. But outside of this small group are hundreds of people we love, work with, and are related to - some Jewish, some not. Among the Jews, some of our favorite people keep a strict Kosher diet, while others grill out every Shabbat, sell Pork for a living, or profess to be Jew-Bus (part Jewish, part Buddhist). We don't judge anyone, instead we respect all, love all, and bring great BBQ flavor to all.

It takes a Bad Jew to make good BBQ. But to enjoy it, all you need is an open mind and an empty stomach.

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